Thirty-six Days tells the story where a Mexican family was a victim of organized crime. On December 13, 2014, in La Laja, municipality of Ajuchitlán, Guerrero, falling into his house, armed civilians destroyed the house and took Mr. Ángel Muñoz and two of his daughters, depriving them of their freedom. They were taken to an unknown destination where they would have them tied hand and foot for about three days and then change them from where they would spend thirty-three more days. There they would go hungry, cold, and have bad experiences and bitter days. They would watch and live all kinds of violence that those armed men did. They would be physically and mentally abused. It would take about twenty days for the leader of the subjects to arrive at that place and could give the order for the armed subjects to communicate with the family of the hostages to ask for the ransom money. When communicating with family members, they reached an agreement that they had to give a certain amount of money to free Mr. Ángel and his daughters. The agreed money was given in full, but the armed men only released the two daughters and left the father with them so they could ask for more money for his freedom. Time passed, and Mr. Ángel weakened more and more. The date of when he would be released was unknown. On day thirty-six, the army, federal police and the Attorney Generals Office (PGR) would carry out an operation where they would rescue Mr. Ángel Muñoz, along with twenty-three other people who were kidnapped and were also in the same place. They would capture thirteen alleged kidnappers that would be placed under the SEIDO. Mr. Ángel would be transferred to the hospital where he would be treated and would meet with his whole family.»

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César Muñoz was born on March 15, 1992 in La Laja, Guerrero, Mexico, from a humble family. After fleeing so much insecurity and violence in Mexico, César and his family believe they find security and tranquility in the United States. After learning English, he decides to abandon his studies to work harder and be able to help his family financially. For now, he really enjoys his job as a waiter in a restaurant in California.

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