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This book contains notes of the different circumstantial moments in the personal and technical field and of the most significant mathematically verifiable precise criteria of the process from obtaining knowledge to the steps required to socialize it to activate efficiency, for all the above without No doubt, more than a literary work it is the vehicle that carries documentation endorsed by the criteria that constitute it. Books that coin in time the inescapable notifying constancy that, all the criteria of the knowledge gathered and registered in the intellectual property, indicators that only the author understands and understands the operational form, of the templates that originate, are contained in the tool of the SDF HmolikC system, to provide as a complementary contribution with exact results to the different sciences that, in related issues and compromised in critical condition that require exact solutions. It contains the verifiable criteria of the process (of the rationale of the SDF HmolikC system) that in its result delivers the chemical formula of the drug andreaqvi – viral chemical reaction antidote. Optimal for the treatment of clinical pictures of viral pathological components such as COVI corona virus. Response obtained from the month of May 2020 The SDF HmolikC system is a new tool that originates from knowledge discovered in the operational infrastructure of incidents that provides reaction (by normal admission to preserve a cycle or by the novelty that its evolution affects the normality of the cycle) of genetic states in this case punctually the chemical elements, the system is provided with the information it requires on the issues to be used and delivers the exact answer if it is considered favorable. By using constant or variable values in your own source code and mathematical formula procedure of your own accounting system (not the decimal system). The system does not experiment or do tests, in this case it takes the information of values that are already in the laboratories, data bank or the information that its resources allow it, obtain the objective with exact result using decoded incidence values 1 antidote for viral chemical reaction. 2 direct binding in the constitution of the vaccine. The Drug ?andreaqvi- (chemical compound with its formula and chemical structure) is constituted and conforms values of incidence of constants, also locating values of the state and specific place of incidence of the chemical elements involved, through the operational infrastructure of the templates managed by its only source code, from the SDF HmolikC tool. Conclusively, the administration of the SDF Hmolik System. In its procedural wish, it will be activated for any relevant purpose, at the moment that the legal or scientific person is authorized by the entity that requires the provision of the service, that complies and delivers the supply of the verifiable information required by the SDF HmolikC System, protocol that places the person in charge and owner of the system, respectful of the development model, of the corporations and institutions, supervisors. (knowing that the SDF HmolikC system already had an exact answer) Determination of rigorous compliance until, yes, it becomes possible and the administration can allow it, once it acquires the optimal economic budget to acquire its own location, all the implementation, operations laboratory and the necessary human resources Exact answer without millionaire costs CORONA VIRUS All the laboratories that are in the dignifying marathon, to find the most efficient vaccine or medicine for treatment, it is evident that they already have 2% of the information in the data banks, of course, in the research centers, managed by scientists, who observe the COVI coronavirus at close range. In the following specific states: The variant of pathological components of COVI in the environment, and fundamentally the evolution inside the human body before and in the swallowing corridor. The technical sheet of the behavior of the pathological components, seen in the pathological anatomy samples, taken from the lungs in analyzes obtained in the patients of the intensive care unit. Abstracts of medical analysis of forensic pathology, caused by death, COVI corona virus. Events that make up the 2% that is needed. The SDF HmolikC system operating system decodes and recognizes the information of the three mentioned states, to obtain the indicator response that meets the properties and consequently supplies the values of specific readings, for the exact response. After I, Holmes Molik Candelo as researcher and owner of the SDF HmolikC system, carried out the process of obtaining all or some of the three states, to activate the information verification protocol, these new samples are decoded and the following summary is obtained. Values specifically compatible with a chemical compound (vaccine) and provides the chemical structure. Values specifically compatible with a chemical compound (treatment) also provide the chemical structure. Values specifically compatible with a METABOLIZING solution. Activity in a certain interstitial fluid, in the swallowing mantle (process programmed by knowledge of the HmolikC profile). Values specifically compatible with direct intervention in the patient. (process programmed by knowledge of the HmolikC profile). Consequently, step by step it is being respectful, with the development model protocols that manage and regulate the certifications, to socialize the drug – andreaqvi – and move forward to provide the vaccine, response to the raison dêtre of the SDF HmolikC system «

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Holmes Molik Candelo Born in Palmira Valle Colombia on March 14 1953 Author, researcher and owner of the SDF HmolikC system, an operational tool using the templates that bring together the decoder and encoder values, provided by the acquired knowledge that is collected in the profile HmolikC My dedication to rigorous care in 1974 when each innovation was curiously personalized with the resources and tools handcrafted by those who need them an inherent reference source of those who were inspired to activate institutes and universities I am and always will be a mechanic a technician an artisan carpenter of the image I am a person able to read accurately and then tell the history of the radiography of an image using values provided by mathematical formulas, which have always been are, and will be thereafter in existence. acquired the first technical knowledge of photo-type to headline in those audiovisual times, headline films, animated titles, edit soundtracks in cinematographic advertisements for optical sound in 30mm format films and 70mm format cinemascope, preparation of albumin and acetates to pre-sensitize the photosensitive conditions of surfaces, preparation of albumin to manufacture intensity filters and optical effects, for the correction of technical television images. Boris Rots deputy scriptwriter for the trial case program broadcast by RTI Televisión Colombia, accredited with credential No. BF 1357 issued by the Los Angeles California Institute of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Many journalistic activities were carried out (integrated subject), such as producing from start to finish, brand-name film commercials, which were screened in the Colombia movie theater chain. Knowledge of lithographic preparation mounting image correction was acquired, with ferrocyanide 4 to the negatives of panchromatic images of origin and those of orthochromatic point, of the color separation for offset printing. I toured the main capitals of the departments of Colombia as a teacher of assembly and color separation of the system, traditional and my new methods that simplified time and costs of 80%. Official responsible for photomechanics in the departmental printing press of the government of Valle Colombia. Responsible and owner of the SDF HmolikC system. With which he financed the budget required to advance in the investigation that his definitive achievements are now in the process of activating his reason for being. "