This book is about a discovery of the power, love and truth found in Jesus Christ. Through simple everyday open and honest re?ection, the author shows a way to reconnect the Christian faith with our spiritual needs in this 21st Century. It is a beginning and a voyage of learning and discovery for the author along with the reader. Certain deep theological topics are glimpsed upon and are intended to invoke a greater interest for them. The sources of inspiration come from Protestant, Roman Catholic and Orthodox traditions. The author has worked to translate some aspects of these varied doctrines into understandable mind bites. Love, Faith and Courage work to provide you with ammunition to contend with everyday issues, as a guide to ?nd your place in this world, as a learning process towards greater truths, as healing for many of your needs, as protection against deceit and spiritual death and as a prayer to connect with God. Love is the gift God has for creation including all of us, we must remember it, Faith is our choice to join in with his power and Courage is the example set by Jesus as to how we should live as Christians, always mindful of his Resurrection and very real presence in this world. ?If the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, he who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells in you? (ESV Bible Romans 8:11)

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Fernando GarridoLestache Vidal is the author of Awaken, a book delving into Christian theological concepts for everyday use. He was a nominally and non-practicing Christian (Roman Catholic) millennial until something spoke to him and inspired this book. His studies focused on completely di?erent subjects, included a Bachelor's Degree on Business Administration at the Gabelli School of Business (Fordham University) and a Masters in Economic Intelligence by the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid, Spain, eventually concentrating his professional career in this ?eld, also known as Competitive Intelligence. He has always enjoyed writing both in English and in his native Spanish with a special focus on poetry and song lyrics. The gap between his profes-sional experience and the ?eld of theology meant writing the book was as much a discovery process for the author as it may be for the reader and the interest and inna-te curiosity for the subject has only been strengthened by it.

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